Voice Disorders

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VOICE DISORDERS Voice disorders are generally characterized by an abnormal pitch, loudness, and/or vocal quality resulting from disordered laryngeal, respiratory, and/or vocal tract functioning. Voice disorders range from a mild hoarseness to complete voice loss and may limit the intelligibility or effectiveness of oral communication. Voice disorders can occur for a variety of reasons. It can be […]

Speech therapy activities can be carried over to the child’s home and performed by parents and caregivers.  Daily routines are the best opportunities for learning language.  There are numerous natural interactions you have with your infant/child that can be used to increase language.  These are simple ideas and strategies that every parent can do!  They […]

Below are fifteen simple things that parents can build into their child’s daily routines of dressing, eating, playing, bedtime and bath time that will help build their child’s communication skills. If you have concerns about your child’s speech & language do not hesitate to request an Early Intervention evaluation or Speech Pathologist through your local […]

Infection control is an important topic for all healthcare workers. Speech-language pathologists need to be aware of how best to reduce the spread of infection.  We provide services to patient populations that are vulnerable to common micro‑organisms residing in abundance throughout the clinical environment, making it critical to implement effective infection control procedures. “Infection control […]

Speech Pathologists should be competent in the tests that they perform, including the video swallow study.  The American Speech and Language Association’s (ASHA) Principle of Ethics II Rule B states “Individuals shall engage in only those aspects of the profession that are within their competence, considering their level of education, training, and experience.  SLPs providing highly specialized or specialized […]


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EverythingSpeech is now accepting advertisement requests! Please also email info@everythingspeech.com or by using contact page if interested.   Thank you for your interest – please note the pricing below: Sidebar Text Links - $15/month per sponsored link. Links will appear in right sidebar toward the top with the anchor text of your choice. To preserve advertising […]

Comparison of the Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing with the Modified Barium Swallow Study   FEES is preferable to video swallow study when: A more conservative examination than videofluoroscopy is required because of concerns about aspiration of barium, food, and/or liquid; or Need to assess fatigue or swallowing status over a meal; or Repeat examination […]

Pharyngeal Stage The SLP will be looking at the function of the swallowing at the oral, pharyngeal and part of the esophageal phase during an MBS. Here are some pharyngeal deficits to look out for when performing an MBS:   Inability to initiate the swallow in a timely and coordinated manner-  occurs if the bolus rolls […]

What to Look for During the Video Swallow Study: Oral Phase SLP’s should compare the normal swallow to the patient’s swallowing.  Here is a video of the normal swallow.   Oral Phase Anterior spillage- Patients may have difficulty containing the liquids in the oral cavity due to poor lip seal. Decreased mastication- due to weakness […]

Cleft Palate Therapy Techniques to improve hypernasality.  Please see Cleft Palate- Indications for Speech Therapy before reading this article to make sure the child is a candidate for therapy. Auditory Feedback Before attempting to decrease nasality, the child needs to be made aware of the difference between nasality and normal speech and resonance. This can be […]

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