Sample Articulation Goals

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Articulation Goals

Articulation goals may need to be modified according to the individual’s needs.  The individual may need to start at the beginning level 1, or may be able to produce the correct sound in words, but have difficulty in sentences, for example.  The clinician should begin at a level that is comfortable for the individual; not too difficult and not too easy.  This is usually at about the 50-60% accuracy level.  When the individual is able to produce the target sound at 80% accuracy for 3 consecutive sessions, the target is mastered.

Long Term Goal: X will produce the // (speech sound) with 90% mastery at the conversational level.

Short Term Objectives:

1.X will discriminate between correct and incorrect production of the target sound with 80% accuracy

2. X will produce // in isolation with 90% accuracy.

3. X will produce // in syllables with 90% accuracy.

4. X will produce // in all positions of words with 90% accuracy.

5. X will produce // in sentences with 90% accuracy.

6. X will produce // in oral reading tasks with 90% accuracy.

7. X will produce // in structured conversation with 90% accuracy.

8. X will produce // in spontaneous speech with 90% accuracy.

9. X will improve self-monitoring skills for the target sound // with 90% accuracy.

10. X will improve carry-over of the target sound // outside of the therapy setting with 90% accuracy.

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